CNN Reporter Blames Public’s Lack Of Support For Impeachment On Thanksgiving And Christmas (VIDEO)

The public is not embracing the Democrat impeachment clown show as much as the left was hoping for.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza thinks he knows why.

It must be because of the holidays. It couldn’t be because no one believes what the Democrats are selling, right?

News Busters reports:

CNN’s Chris Cillizza Blames Thanksgiving, Christmas For Bad Impeachment Polls

With the public testimony portion of the House impeachment proceedings concluded, Democrats have discovered they have a problem: the public hearings did nothing to increase support for impeachment.

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On Tuesday’s CNN Newsroom, CNN politics reporter Chris Cillizza joined co-host Jim Sciutto to ponder why this is and concluded that it isn’t because the lack of overwhelming evidence or goal post-shifting, but rather due to the fact that the holiday season is upon us.

Before introducing Cillizza, Sciutto read off the details of CNN’s latest polling, “CNN’s new polling finds fifty percent of Americans say the president should be impeached and removed from office. However, that number is the same as in October before those public hearings began.”…

Trying to find a rationale for why the polling data does not match with that assessment of the hearings, Cillizza theorized that despite non-stop media attention and almost universal media praise for the witnesses, people just aren’t paying attention and cautioned Sciutto and viewers against reading too much into the polls and, “that we, people like you and I are following this extremely closely.

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The average person is gearing up for Thanksgiving, looking ahead to Christmas.” He said that time would be necessary to see any change in the numbers, “it’s possible that this will take a little bit longer to seep into the body politic, the average voter and then let’s give it two, three, four weeks and see where we’re at.”

Watch the video:

Do you get the sense that Cillizza wants the public to support impeachment?

Doesn’t it seem like he’s rooting for it?


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