CNN Serves Up Softball Questions At Joe Biden Town Hall – Lets Him Get Away With Lies (VIDEO)

CNN hosted a town hall event for Joe Biden this week. It went exactly as you would expect.

Biden was repeatedly served softball questions and was allowed to say things that are completely untrue with no push back from moderator Anderson Cooper.

The bias on display was all too typical.

News Busters reports:

Total Joke: CNN’s Biden Town Hall Filled with Softballs Versus ABC’s Ambush of Trump

Illustrating the liberal media’s purposeful and shameless carrying of water for Democratic ticket, CNN’s presidential town hall was a cakewalk on Thursday for Joe Biden, thanks to no fact-checking, no snarky rebuttals, or major hostility at PNC Field in Moosic, Pennsylvania. That stood in stark contrast to the ambush President Trump faced on ABC Tuesday night in Philadelphia.

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Biden faced 16 total audience questions with 13 coming from Democrats to just three Republicans. When it came to the questions themselves, six were left-leaning, five neutral, and five right-leaning. And perhaps most notably, Biden had a friendly host in rabidly anti-Trump CNNer Anderson Cooper to shepherd him through the town hall’s 75 minutes.

In contrast, the President constantly battled ABC chief anchor and former Clinton official George Stephanopoulos while taking questions from 12 audience members. Of that group, four voted for him in 2016, three voted for Hillary Clinton, one for Jill Stein, two that didn’t/couldn’t vote, and one was undefined during the 90-minute program.

Unlike Biden, Trump’s audience questions were heavily skewed with eight from the left, five neutral, and only one right-leaning (with Stein voter Carl Day having three cracks at Trump).

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Here are some video clips:

Watch Biden lie with no challenge from CNN:

Liberal media is broken beyond repair.


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