CNN Talks To Happy Trump Voters In Iowa: “Exactly What I voted For” (VIDEO)

Every time CNN does a focus group like this, they seem surprised by the level of satisfaction from the people. In this case, a small group of people in Iowa who voted for Trump indicated that they’re very happy with the president.

Here’s a partial transcript from Real Clear Politics:

MARTIN SAVIDGE, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): In Cedar Rapids, they make Quaker Oats, and Iowa helps make presidents. In 2012, Obama won the state by nearly six points. In 2016, Trump won by nine.

I’m with four Trump voters, an aerobics instructor, a banker, a former baseball player and a salesman. President Trump’s approval ratings with his base and these Iowans are sky high.

JASON NEIGHBOR, TRUMP SUPPORTER: I think exactly what I voted for, we wanted some — a little bit of a change from what we had before.

SAVIDGE: These voters trust Trump but they do not trust the Russia investigation. They consider the whole thing a —

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VINCENTE JAVIER, TRUMP SUPPORTER: Political witch hunt from the get- go. To be honest, it’s a disgrace.

SAVIDGE: They don’t believe in the investigation because they don’t believe the investigators. (on camera): Do you have faith in the FBI?


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UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, absolutely.

SAVIDGE: Do you think that the FBI has a political bias in this —

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I believe, yes.

Watch the video:

This is what the left just doesn’t understand. Millions of others agree with these people.


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