CNN Threw A Tantrum For Hours Over One Of Their Reporters Being Called A Liberal Hack (VIDEO)

CNN can dish it out, but they sure can’t take it.

This week, when a Republican senator called one of their reporters a liberal hack, they spent the rest of the day throwing a fit on the air. It was almost like this was a more important story than anything else happening in the news.

News Busters reports:

SUPERCUT: CNN Rages for Hours About ‘Indecent’ Slam of Manu Raju, ‘Liberal Hack’

CNN’s overblown outrage on Thursday over Sen. Martha McSally telling its reporter Manu Raju he was a “liberal hack” went on and on for hours before and after the Wolf Blitzer sermon that Arizona voters are “smarter” than to reward such misbehavior. There was ever more huffing and puffing about the senator being “awful,” even “indecent.”

They complained that McSally was using it for political gain. And CNN wasn’t???

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Jake Tapper said “it’s obviously indecent and based on the desire to not have accountability and reporters asking basic, simple questions.”

Gloria Borger added “My reaction was that her behavior was disgraceful towards a reporter who was just asking a real question.”

Tapper sermonized: “I think it’s almost like warning shot that Republicans and the Trump administration and the whole MAGA universe is just going to be trying to weaponize what President Trump has created, which is a groundswell of media hatred and a desire to not have any kind of accountability.”

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See the video below:

They spend every minute of every day calling Trump and Republicans evil, but they can’t handle one negative comment.

Senator Ted Cruz called them out on Twitter:

Maybe if they didn’t act like hacks, no one would call them hacks.


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