CNN Voter Panel Rejects Former VP Joe Biden For 2020: ‘His Time Is Done’ (VIDEO)

Joe Biden’s moment may have already passed. CNN polled a group of voters yesterday about their preferences for 2020 and none of them liked the idea of a Biden candidacy.

The Hill reports:

CNN focus group rejects Biden

A CNN focus group comprised of Democratic voters has rejected former Vice President Joe Biden as their presidential nominee.

The focus group’s dismissal of Biden is notable since the former vice president, who is expected to join the Democratic primary soon, has been leading a number of public opinion polls and is seen as the potential front-runner.

The Democrats gathered by CNN, however, said they weren’t interested in Biden. Some said they wanted a candidate who was further to the left.

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“I think we need a bold, strong leadership, and you’ll find that in the progressives,” Democratic voter Carol Evans said.

“We had the standard-bearer for the kind of pragmatic centrist candidate in Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Donald Trump is now president. He is not your average political candidate, so we really need to try to think outside the box because, you know, it seems like the dude is made of rubber. Anything you throw at him just bounces off, there’s nothing that sticks,” said focus group member Michael Milisits.

Watch the video below:

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Biden hasn’t even announced his plans for 2020 yet, but he’s getting plenty of support from Obama.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Joe Biden draws effusive praise from Obama as he nears 2020 decision

Former President Barack Obama heaped praise on his former running mate and Vice President Joe Biden during an event Monday.

Speaking before a sold-out crowd at Bell MTS Place, his first stop in a two-day tour of Canada, Obama did not directly address the 2020 campaign nor did he even provide a hint about whether he thinks Biden, 76, should run for president.

But Obama did stress that Biden has all the key elements he said was integral to putting together a successful team, which includes integrity, humility, and competency.

“He complemented me,” Obama said of their time in the White House together. “He looked at the world and approached certain problems with a different set of experiences. But he had integrity, and he is a big-hearted person and a loyal person. And we shared a common set of values.”

Biden has plenty of name recognition, but he doesn’t fit the left’s current obsession with identity politics.


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