CNN’s Acosta Claims He Was “Shouted Down” And “Tugged” – Video Shows Nothing Of The Kind

CNN’s Jim Acosta went on the air yesterday and pushed a narrative that isn’t backed up by the video evidence. He said he was shouted down and tugged at the White House.

His claim is being pushed on the left wing site Share Blue:

Nervous White House shuts down reporter Jim Acosta for asking Trump about FBI

Donald Trump’s staff is doggedly trying to shield him from questions about the ongoing smear campaign that he and fellow Republicans re engaging in against the FBI.

CNN reporter Jim Acosta tried to ask Trump to respond to the FBI’s statement Wednesday expressing “grave concerns” about the GOP’s memo and its negative impact on public safety.

The memo, concocted by California Rep. Devin Nunes, smears the bureau’s work and questions its integrity in an attempt to undermine Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation into Trump, his campaign, and his inner circle of advisers and aides.

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But as Acosta, pool reporter for the day, could not get his questions through.

A press aide repeatedly intoned, “Thank you, Jim,” speaking over Acosta as he and and other reporters were ushered out the door. Acosta’s question was drowned out and left unanswered.

Watch the video footage. It doesn’t match the description:

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Who does he think he’s kidding?


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