CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Sad Over Lack Of Action Against Trump: “They’ve Broken My Spirit” (VIDEO)

Poor Alisyn Camerota. The CNN “reporter” is just beside herself with grief over the fact that the Mueller investigation cleared President Trump.

She even said on the air that her spirit is broken over this. That’s not something an objective news person says.

News Busters provides a transcript:

JOHN BERMAN: If you look at the Mueller report, what Robert Mueller says Don McGahn says is that the President told him to fire Robert Mueller and create a fake paper trail.

CAMEROTA: Absolutely! That sounds like obstruction of justice. And they won’t do anything about it.

BERMAN: Okay: so William Barr says it didn’t happen that way. The only jury that matters in this is the US Congress. So the US Congress wants to get Don McGahn in front of them to get his version, to cross-examine Don McGahn on what is in the Mueller report, especially after Bill Barr now.

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. . .

CAMEROTA: I guess my point, John, and I’m sorry if I sound like they’ve broken my spirit, however —

BERMAN: But that’s what it sounds like! But I think that’s the goal, too!

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CAMEROTA: Well, it’s worked. Because I think that I am channelling many members of the American public who feel that these past two years have been disheartening for people who believe in justice.

Watch the video:

CNN has put all their eggs into the Russia basket. No wonder Alisyn is so depressed. The network isn’t giving up, though. They’re actually planning a town hall with James Comey for some reason.

From CNN:

CNN to host James Comey town hall on May 9 — two years after Trump fired him

Former FBI Director James Comey will take questions at a town hall next Thursday moderated by CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

The town hall will air at 8 p.m. ET May 9, from Washington, DC.

The town hall will be held exactly two years to the day after President Donald Trump fired Comey, citing Comey’s handling of the probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

Comey was overwhelmingly confirmed by the Senate as FBI director in July 2013 with a 93-1 vote, and served until his firing on May 9, 2017.

They just can’t let it go.


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