CNN’s April Ryan Fantasizes About Seeing Armed Forces Pull Trump Out Of The White House (VIDEO)

The liberal media’s open contempt for President Trump is unlike anything we have ever seen.

CNN’s April Ryan recently fantasized, on the air, about a moment in January of 2021 when Joe Biden is being inaugurated and President Trump is being forcibly removed from the White House.

Can you imagine someone in media saying this about Obama? They would have been fired immediately.

News Busters reports:

CNN Doesn’t Care About Facts: Ryan Claim ‘Armed Forces’ Will Force Trump to Leave Office

On Sunday night, Mediaite and our friends at the Right Scoop flagged another example of how fundamentally unserious CNN has been regarding facts and sobriety. In this case, CNN Newsroom host Ana Cabrera refused to challenge or correct far-left CNN hack and American Urban Radio Networks correspondent April Ryan’s claim that “police and armed forces” will be needed “to pull Donald Trump out of the White House” on January 20, 2021 if Joe Biden becomes president.

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There’s been zero evidence that Trump would actually refuse to leave office and require action by the military or police, but such cockamamie assertions have been allowed inside Zuckerville….

Cabrera didn’t step in, so Ryan continued by warning that Trump has been “trying to create doubt” as a form of “voter suppression” and, if he still loses, she expressed a desire to see “a split screen” in January of Biden being inaugurated while Trump is removed by force:

[A]nd going back to the issue of January 20th by the President not leaving, Maya Angelou said, if they show you who they are, believe them. The President has said before in many tweets that he wasn’t going. He said it months ago. Joe Biden even acknowledged it and it’s real, so there’s going to be a split screen on January 20, 2021.

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If Joe Biden is now going to be the 46th president of the United States, you will have him being inaugurated and — and watching police and armed forces trying to pull Donald Trump out of the White House. I cannot wait for that split screen.

Watch the video below:

Does she have any idea how deranged she sounds?

She is going to need therapy if Trump wins reelection.


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