CNN’s Christiane Amanpour Asks Comey If The FBI Should Have Shut Down ‘Lock Her Up’ Chants In 2016 (VIDEO)

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour presents herself as a serious journalist, not a commentator or an opinion show host. Yet she is such an obvious partisan it’s sometimes painful to watch her.

During a recent interview of James Comey, she asked him if the FBI should have intervened when Trump fans chanted “Lock her up” in 2016.

The Daily Caller reports:


CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour asked former FBI director James Comey on Tuesday if he should’ve restricted people from saying “lock her up” because the phrase amounts to “hate speech.”

Comey asserted during the interview that President Donald Trump targets private citizens with investigations and the power of the executive, citing Trump “calling for the locking up of his political opponents, including people like me.”…

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“Of course, ‘lock her up’ was a feature of the 2016 Trump campaign,” Amanpour said. “Do you in retrospect wish that people like yourself, the FBI, I mean, the people in charge of law and order, had shut down that language — that it was dangerous potentially, that it could’ve created violence, that it’s kind of hate speech. Should that have been allowed?”

Watch the video below:

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Comey is an awful guy but at least he got the answer right on this by saying that doing such a thing is not the government’s job.

Maybe he’s just playing nice because he’s afraid of being investigated.

Politico reports:

Comey says he fears possible counterinvestigation after Mueller report

Former FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday condemned President Donald Trump’s calls for a possible investigation into how special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia inquiry started, adding that it creates a troubling precedent.

During an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Comey was asked about whether he feared possible counterinvestigations.

“I don’t fear it personally. I fear it as a citizen,” he said. “Right? Investigate what? Investigate that investigations were conducted? What would be the crime you’d be investigating? So it’s a terrible cycle to start.”

The simple fact is that there should be a counterinvestigation.

The people deserve to know who was truly behind this witch hunt.


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