CNN’s Cuomo And Bernstein: Mueller Found Collusion But Only ‘Sophisticated’ People Can See It (VIDEO)

Some people in the media are so deeply invested in the Russia collusion hoax that they just can’t let it go.

One perfect example was on display yesterday when CNN’s Chris Cuomo was speaking to Carl Bernstein. Having just found out that the Mueller report exonerates Trump, they both doubled down. This was just sad.

News Busters reports:

CNN: Mueller Found ‘a Ton of Collusion,’ Only ‘Sophisticated’ People See It

There was collusion and so much collusion that we’re swimming it! That’s according to bombastic CNN host Chris Cuomo and washed up Watergate-era reporter Carl Bernstein. Not only was there “a ton of collusion” but if you didn’t realize that after reading the Mueller Report, you’re just not that smart and too political, they declared late Thursday afternoon.

Here’s the transcript:

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CUOMO: A lot of grand jury stuff in here that they should be able to get cleared.

BERNSTEIN: We need the grand jury material. This report already is the connective tissue that explains everything almost we’ve been reporting over the past two years. It’s here in substance, in nuance, in context and it is there for all people of good will in this country, if they are not so dug in politically or ideologically to process information and make some sophisticated judgments about the behavior of everybody I’ve mentioned here.

CUOMO: Sophisticated judgment is the operative phrase because I don’t know how, in good conscience, if you have a dose of shame in you — and you want to support the President, that is fine, stick to criminality. Stay away from the word collusion, because there is a ton of collusion. There is a ton of clever secretive behavior and Mueller lays it all out. The idea that there is nothing in here or that it was a witch hunt or this is a hoax, I don’t know how they make that case in good conscious anymore. Carl, tell me how.

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BERNSTEIN: I don’t either. And it goes back to something my colleague Bob Woodward wrote in his book about this president and the reason why Mattis, McMaster, Tillerson, others left serving this President, because they believed he is not capable of serving the national interests of the United States, not capable — in fact a danger to the national security of the United States. And that, too, comes through this report.

Watch the video:

John Nolte of Breitbart makes an excellent point here:

So true!


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