CNN’s Cuomo Goes Ballistic When Guest Mentions Racial Bias Case Against CNN (VIDEO)

Joel Pollak of Breitbart News recently appeared on Chris Cuomo’s CNN show. Cuomo took another Breitbart writer’s words about the sex harassment scandal completely out of context and Pollak put him in his place. Cuomo ended up looking pretty silly.

Here’s a partial transcript via Breitbart:

CUOMO: You ignore what’s rape and what isn’t rape … What we’re dealing with in our culture right now Joel is we’re trying to figure out how you treat women and how you don’t treat women. And when you say something like who knows what rape is anymore, and when you say something the guy denies it, and that is good enough for me, it sends a message. Are you concerned about that message at all, or do the politics of having a seat in the senate just overpower it?

POLLAK: You know, there are serious allegations right now against CNN. It happened to be allegations of racial discrimination. Hundred-seventy-five plaintiffs in the nest lawsuit that is going to be filed, we are told 205 plaintiffs, this are very serious allegations. Do you think you work for a racist organization? Do you think you have to take those accusers at their word?

CUOMO: No. There’s an ongoing litigation. We won’t have ongoing litigation here. You have to make a decision about it You can distract all you like. I’ll give you an A for effort, but what I’m saying at the end of the day either you’re worried about these kinds of signals, or you’re not.

Watch the video below:

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CNN is such a joke.


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