CNN’s Don Lemon Cries After Reading Letter To President Trump (VIDEO)

This is so pathetic. CNN’s Don Lemon has been so triggered by President Trump that he cried on the air after reading an open letter to him.

Mediaite reports:

#FactsFirst? CNN’s Don Lemon Reads Letter To Trump Then Weeps On Air

Just hours after CNN self-importantly and sanctimoniously claimed they’d be the network of “Facts First” one of the 3rd place news outlet’s anchors took to the air and read a letter he’d written to President Donald Trump and Gold Star Widow Myeshia Johnson. He then broke down in tears overcome by the emotional power of his own words.

Facts first. An apple is an apple and will never be a banana.

Lemon’s letter/monologue began with FACTS designed to puff himself and his broadcast up a bit, “I interviewed you multiple times. You’ve introduced me to your family.” The preamble also offered FACTS that served the purpose to paint Lemon as a victim of Trump’s unwarranted abuse, “You’ve also criticized me publicly, both in front of cameras and on Twitter, calling me ‘hateful’, ‘dumb’, a ‘lightweight.’”

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“Your tweet this morning essentially called her a liar.” Essentially. Well CNN, did Trump call Mrs. Johnson a liar or didn’t he? Why equivocate? You are dealing in the world of FACTS here, not interpretation, right?

Watch the video:

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How sad. It’s amazing what passes for journalism on CNN.


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