CNN’s Don Lemon Defends Violent Far Left Antifa: ‘No Organization Is Perfect’ (VIDEO)

People at CNN sure do seem interested in defending the violent behavior of the far left group known as Antifa. Don Lemon is just the latest example.

The Washington Times reports:

Don Lemon defends antifa: ‘No organization is perfect’

CNN’s Don Lemon defended the militant left-wing collective antifa during his show Tuesday night, arguing that while the anti-fascist movement has its problems with violence, no organization is “perfect.”

Mr. Lemon defended antifa while discussing President Trump’s controversial Charlottesville response last year with CNN White House correspondent Abby Phillips and American Urban Radio Networks reporter April Ryan on “CNN Tonight.”

Ms. Phillips argued Tuesday that Antifa has become a counterprotest to Mr. Trump’s Charlottesville response and the political environment that he’s created. Mr. Lemon agreed that while the group is guilty of committing some violence, its members are serving an overall mission of fighting fascism and don’t deserve to be compared to right-wing radicals like white supremacists.

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“It says it right in the name: Antifa. Anti-fascism, which is what they were there [in Charlottesville] fighting,” Mr. Lemon said.

“Listen, no organization is perfect,” he added. “There was some violence. No one condones violence, but there were different reasons for Antifa and for these neo-Nazis to be there. One, racists, fascists, the other group, fighting racist fascists. There is a distinction there.”

Watch the video:

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Do you think Don Lemon would ever go to bat for the non-violent Tea Party like that?

Not a chance.


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