CNN’s Don Lemon Rudely Interrupts Pro-Trump Pastor, Unfairly Tries To Race Bait Him (VIDEO)

The pro-Trump pastor, Rev. Bill Owens, appeared on CNN recently and was treated rather rudely by host Don Lemon.

Lemon kept interrupting Owens and repeatedly tried to bait Owens into calling Trump a racist.

Owens held his ground.

FOX News reports:

Pastor who met with Trump battles Don Lemon over Baltimore: ‘He attacks anybody and you know it’

Following President Trump’s meeting with 20 African-American pastors on Monday, Rev. Bill Owens took on CNN host Don Lemon over whether the president should be branded a “racist” for his criticism of top Democrat Elijah Cummings and the city of Baltimore.

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Lemon claimed Trump consistently attacks leaders of color with racist statements, and Owens pointed out that Trump goes after leaders from all backgrounds if he disagrees with them on a policy.

“I know it’s hard for you. You think it’s hard to believe that Trump is racist,” Lemon said on “CNN Tonight.” “But he’s repeatedly used racially charged language. He consistently attacks black and brown elected leaders. So, why is that hard to believe, Pastor?”

“I find President Trump [attacks] leaders of all colors. He attacks who he will. He’s his own man,” Owens shot back. “I can’t dictate what he should or should not do. But he does not just attack black people. He attacks anybody. And you know it.”

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Lemon mentioned Owens’ faith and implied that as a man of God, he shouldn’t condone attacks on anyone. Owens said he was not condoning anything, but simply stating the truth.

“So as a man of faith, as a Christian, you’re saying he attacks anyone. It sounds like you’re condoning attacks? Is that Christianly or Godly?” the host asked.

Watch the video:

People responded on Twitter:

Good for the pastor for not backing down.


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