CNN’s Jake Tapper Accuses Republicans Of Pushing ‘The Big Lie’ About 2020 But Wrote A Book About The Effort To ‘Steal’ The Presidency In 2000

CNN’s Jake Tapper has spent months accusing Republicans of pushing ‘the Big Lie’ for questioning the results of the 2020 election.

He has even said that he won’t have such people on his show.

But this is ironic, because Jake Tapper once wrote a book about the effort to ‘steal’ the 2000 election.

Some big lies are apparently more equal than others.

Breitbart News reports:

CNN’s Jake Tapper Claimed Bush, Gore Plotted to ‘Steal the Presidency’ in 2000; Bans Guests Who Questioned 2020 Result

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CNN’s Jake Tapper declared Friday that he had banned guests, including Republican leaders, who had questioned the results of the 2020 presidential election — though he wrote a book about how the 2000 election was purportedly stolen.

As Breitbart News noted in November:

Tapper’s book, Down and Dirty: The Plot to Steal the Presidency, is still available on A blurb describes the book as claiming that “both sides, Democrats and Republicans, plotted to steal the presidency in 2000.”

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At the time, Tapper was the Washington correspondent for the left-wing online magazine He later worked for ABC News as a White House correspondent before landing a new role at CNN, hosting The Lead with Jake Tapper and State of the Union.

Does Jake think everyone forgot?

Is there a single honest news person at CNN?

It seems like all they do is try to smear Republicans and FOX News.


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