CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Thinks It’s The Media’s Job To ‘Police’ Republicans On The ‘Facts’ (VIDEO)

CNN has spent the last three years pushing the Russia hoax and everything that went with it.

So it’s especially funny to hear CNN’s legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin talk about policing anyone on facts, but that’s just what he said recently, specifically about Republicans.

Have you noticed that the scrutiny always seems to go in only one direction at CNN?

News Busters reports:

CNN’s Toobin: Media’s Job Is to ‘Police’ Republicans ‘Making Up Facts’ on Ukraine

CNN’s chief legal analyst admitted Friday morning that it was journalists’ jobs to dismantle Republican talking points on impeachment. Minutes before the House voted to approve the impeachment articles against President Trump, CNN’s liberal panel broke in to bash Republicans for “lying” about Ukraine.

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As White House correspondent Abby Phillip lamented both sides “talking past each other on the facts” yesterday during House arguments, Jeffrey Toobin argued there was only one set of facts and Republicans were “making things up:”

I just want to, you know, try to make the point that, you know, there are not two versions of the facts. There are only facts. And, you know, the overwhelming majority of the case — of the time yesterday, you had Democrats talking about the actual facts of this investigation and you had Republicans essentially making things up.

“You had Republicans essentially making up facts about when the Ukrainians knew when the aid was cut off. And to the extent we can, I think we should try to police that in our journalistic function of trying to talk about–“

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Watch the video:

Do you get the sense that Toobin is rooting for a side?

Sure looks that way, doesn’t it?


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