CNN’s John King Wonders If Mike Pence’s Wife Deserves Secret Service Protection – Because Of Her Christian Beliefs (VIDEO)

This is astounding. Karen Pence, wife of Vice President Mike Pence, teaches art at a Christian school which holds traditional Christian views on homosexuality. That should not be a big deal. But the media is treating it like a scandal.

John King of CNN even asked his panel if this means Karen Pence shouldn’t be protected by the Secret Service.

Townhall reports:

John King Shocks Panelists By Questioning Karen Pence’s Secret Service Protection

I reported Thursday on how Karen Pence’s decision to teach art at a Christian school landed her in hot water with media and activist groups like the ACLU and the Human Rights Campaign. That’s because the school has a “parent’s agreement” that reads students and parents must abide by their Christian guidelines, guidelines that include how homosexuality is a sin…

On “Inside Politics” on Friday, CNN anchor John King noted that, like all Americans, the First Amendment “belongs” to the Pences. Yet, he added, the second family had to know that Mrs. Pence’s new job would be “making a statement.” His panel agreed with that suggestion, but not his next one.

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King went on to question whether the second lady should keep her Secret Service protection during the government shutdown.

Watch the video:

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Can you even imagine a question like this being raised if Joe Biden’s wife had taken a job teaching at a Catholic school?

Of course not, because it never would have happened.


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