CNN’s “Republican Political Strategist” Raised Money For Indicted Democrat Senator

A regular on CNN’s “expert” panels is Ana Navarro.

When Navarro is on CNN, she’s often identified as a “Republican Political Strategist.”

Here she is ripping into Trump on CNN and calling him “unfit to be human:”

Navarro has repeatedly criticized President Trump and other Republicans. Repeatedly. And vehemently.

Now, reports are saying that Navarro has supported Democrats. 

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Jack Posobiec reports:

“CNN Commentator and self-described “Republican strategist” Ana Navarro, a vehement Trump critic who regularly attacks the President behind a veneer of phony conservatism, is a longtime ally of and fundraiser for Democrat Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey, and has a history of deliberately sabotaging the GOP to help Democrats, according to newly unearthed campaign documents from over a decade ago. Moreover, Navarro is on record bragging about how her efforts to elect Menendez in 2006 cost the Republican Party its Senate majority.”

Posobiec notes there are several documents that show Navarro raised funds for Democrat Menendez (click here to see).

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He also cites this New York Times story from 2006, in which Navarro shows her true colors:

Plus, here’s where Navarro admits that she was a Hillary voter:

Does Navarro sound like a “Republican?”

She was willing to vote for Hillary.

As far back as 2006, Navarro was willing to exchange a Menendez election for having a Republican majority in the Senate.

Will CNN admit that Navarro isn’t a “Republican?”

Will CNN stop listing Navarro as a “Republican Political Strategist?”


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