CNN’s Toobin Claims CNN Poll Showing Drop In Support For Impeachment Is Wrong “Because I Said So” (VIDEO)

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin is beyond parody.

A new poll from his own network shows a drop in support for impeachment across the political spectrum, including Democrats.

But Toobin said on the air Tuesday that he simply doesn’t believe it.

FOX News reports:

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin dismisses own network’s impeachment poll showing sharp drop in support among Dems

CNN’s chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin was in disbelief on Tuesday after his network’s own poll showed a sharp decline in support of President Trump’s impeachment among Democrats, insisting the findings were “wrong.”

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The poll, conducted last week, showed support slipping in comparison to November with only 45 percent of independents backing the impeachment and removal of President Trump versus 47 percent last month. However, there was a big 13-point shift among Democrats; 77 percent backed removal, down from 90 percent in November.

While opinion hosts on cable news sometimes have criticized their network’s own polls, it’s not so common for a news analyst to be so animately opposed to a network poll as Toobin was.

“Can I just say… that I don’t believe in that poll for one second… the 90 to 77,” Toobin reacted. “It’s just- I don’t believe it. Like- it makes no sense that that number would change like that.”…

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“I get that,” Toobin responded. “But, life has shown us that polls are sometimes wrong, and David, that poll is wrong — just because I said so.”

Watch the video:

It’s amazing that someone so seemingly stupid is paid to analyze the news on TV.

CNN is living in its own alternate universe.


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