CNN’s Van Jones Says Hillary ‘One of the Most Honest Politicians in America’ (VIDEO)


A recent poll suggests Americans think Donald Trump is more trustworthy than Hillary Clinton. This news recently cause CNN’s Van Jones to check out of reality and drift into fantasy land.

NewsBusters reported:

CNN’s Van Jones: Hillary Clinton Is ‘One of the Most Honest Politicians in America’

The name “Hillary Clinton” and the words “one of the most honest politicians in America” are definitely not words one would expect to see someone use in the same sentence together, but liberal CNN political commentator Van Jones managed to do just that as he appeared as a panel member on Tuesday’s CNN Tonight.

Responding to a question about a recent CNN/ORG poll finding abysmally low numbers of Americans find the Democratic presidential nominee “honest and trustworthy,” Jones leaned on unnamed “fact checkers” to boost Clinton. Jones: “It actually turns out that Hillary Clinton, when you look at the fact checkers, she’s one of the most honest politicians in America, according to the fact checkers. So there’s a disconnect there that she’s going to have to deal with.”

Watch the video:

Of course, Jones fails to mention that the so-called “fact checker” sites like Politifact are all left wing.


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