CNN’s Van Jones Sounds Alarm For Democrats – Says Protests Are Helping Trump’s Campaign (VIDEO)

Van Jones of CNN is far to the left, speaking politically, but he knows which way the wind is blowing.

During a recent segment, he sent a warning to the Democrats that the ongoing protests and unrest are helping Trump.

Jones even called for a moratorium on night time marches.

Real Clear Politics has a partial transcript:

Van Jones: “Unrest” Is Helping Trump, Need A “Moratorium On Nighttime Marches”

I do know that the longer we talk about violence and unrest and how he’s handling it or not handling, it’s all advantage Trump. In other words, this campaign is going well for Donald Trump because we’re not talking about the economic devastation that people are experiencing, or the virus really.

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I think it’s time for us to recognize we are in a very perilous situation if you want to see a change in November. We have two social movements. Both have edges of violence to them, one on the left, one on the right. I think it’s baked in that Donald Trump is not going to challenge very strongly the police violence and the vigilante violence, and a lot of people, frankly, are comfortable with that.

The question is, how are Democrats and progressives going to deal with the edges of violence in our own movement? I think that Joe Biden can actually begin to move his own movement in a better direction, lead a national moratorium on these nighttime marches.

That would separate the responsible, productive demonstrations that have united the whole world from some of these other demonstrations that are just not as useful.

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See the video below:

One important thing to note here: Like many people in the media and most of the Democratic party, Van Jones is only going negative on the unrest because it is hurting the left politically.

That is their first and only concern. Not the destroyed lives and businesses.

All they care about is winning.


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