Coach Bobby Knight: Trump Is “Smart, Tough, And Dedicated To The USA”


On Wednesday, legendary coach Bobby Knight introduced Trump in Toledo, Ohio.

Coach Knight addressed the problems the next President will face. He said there’s only one man that’s smart, tough and dedicated enough to solve them: Donald Trump.

The crowd loved it!

Watch the full video (transcript below):

Bobby Knight said this:

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When I coached, we had to do two things. We had to have good players. And we had to solve problems. We had to figure out how to beat the press. We had to figure out how to beat the zone defense. We had to do a lot of things. There’s nobody that I’ve met in my lifetime that has a better grasp of how to correct mistakes. And how to look at what’s wrong. And how to correct what’s wrong. And how to get it going right. And I think that is the most important thing that can be brought to the next President of the United States. And there’s nobody who has a better background in correcting things that are going wrong and getting things going in the right direction and developing those things. The best person ever has been Donald Trump.

Believe me when I tell you I think you’re all gonna agree on this: Our next President is going to inherit a hell of a lot of problems. And it’s going to take a problem solver to get us back where we want to be and where we should be. And there is no one that even comes close to being smart, tough, and dedicated completely to the United States of America.

Let’s put Donald Trump in that position so he can get us back where we belong.

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This guy is going to have to deal with a lot of things. He’s gonna have to deal and inherit a national debt larger than we’ve ever had. He’s gonna have to deal with immigration problems and on and on. But again I throw out to you – and I’m a history major, I studied history I think as much as anybody has – and without any reservation I’ve come to the conclusion in getting to know Mr. Trump that when I need somebody on my side that help us with problems, he’s the first man I want to choose. And the first man I want to see and I think if we vote for Donald Trump we are going to get started off in the next Presidency far away better than we could hope to be. So I hope you folks will come with me and walk the walk and walk the step with Donald Trump. And let him take care of what the Presidency is all about.

Looks like Coach Knight is going on the campaign trail. He was in New York on Thursday morning meeting Trump staff:



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