College Girl For Trump: “If You’re Married To Bill Clinton And Call Yourself A Feminist . . . ” (VIDEO)


This college girl in Missouri says why women shouldn’t vote for Hillary. She did better than most pundits do. In two minutes!

She hammered Hillary for being a so-called feminist. She dismissed the allegations against Trump. And she said Trump is the one to support!

Watch (via The Honest Media):

From the video:

Girl: “My Dad introduced me to his Trump love. And then I started watching some of the debates. And I found that we had a lot of the same common interests. And I decided that Trump was the person I should root for.

Interviewer: “You’re on a college campus. You’re supposed to be supporting Hillary. Not a Hillary fan?”

Girl: “Oh, NO! I would NEVER support Hillary. You know what? I just think that: If you’re married to Bill Clinton and call yourself a feminist, that you are not a feminist.”

Her enthusiasm for Trump is infectious.

And better yet: She’s right!

H/T Democrats for Trump

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