College Students Admit There Is Bias Against Conservative Women (VIDEO)

Anyone who remembers the way Liberals treated Sarah Palin during the 2008 election, knows there is a double standard in how the left treats conservative women.

Campus Reform recently talked to some college kids about this subject and their answers were sadly unsurprising.

Townhall reports:

Wow: Watch What These College Students Have to Say About Their Female Conservative Classmates

Our friends over at Campus Reform and Network of enlightened Women released a video on Friday featuring college students giving their candid opinion about how they feel about conservative women. The video was filmed at George Washington University.

Spoiler alert: people did not have the kindest thoughts. While some people seemed to empathize with the plight of conservative women on campus, saying that they basically were forced into silence, others said that they viewed conservative women as “anti-women” and “not educated.” Another said that she felt as though women had to be liberal, as there’s still not equality in the world.

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Forbes has more:

When asked “what would you say about conservative women,” students replied:

“Not many nice things…needing more enlightenment.”

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“The conservative women are sortof looked at as anti-women.”

“Personally, I think they’re just like not educated or maybe hiding something. I don’t know, there has to be something wrong.”

One student said of the campus response to conservative women, “This kindof sucks, I feel like if you are a conservative woman…people don’t really respect you as much and they are kindof harsh to you.”

Watch the video below:



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