Colleges: The Modern Birth Place Of Anti-White, Racist Social Engineering

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If you think you are sending your kids to college to get an education, to learn to think critically, to experience diversity in a way that promotes a larger understanding of other cultures, to promote peace and collective cooperation, . . . guess again. Colleges are being used to promote racial divide and societal chaos. They are stirring the pot in hopes of creating a cultural explosion, the likes of which we have never seen in this country. Not even the 60’s racial demonstrations will compare to what is being conjured up at our colleges across the country.

What do you think would have happened if this policy was pushed 30, 40 or 50 years ago?

PJMedia published the following:

A group of Claremont Colleges students looking for roommates with which to share off-campus housing posted an ad on Facebook, with one caveat — white folks need not apply:

Student Karé Ureña (PZ ’18) posted on Facebook that non-white students in need of housing arrangements should reach out to either her or two other students with whom she plans to live in an off-campus house. The post states that “POC [people of color] only” will be considered for this living opportunity. “I don’t want to live with any white folks,” Ureña added.

Dalia Zada (PZ ’18) expressed concerns to the anti-white discrimination. “‘POC only?’ Maybe I’m missing something or misunderstanding your post, but how is that not a racist thing to say?”

“This is directed to protect POC, not white people. Don’t see how this is racist at all…” responded AJ León (PZ ’18), a member of the Pitzer Latino Student Union.

People of color are allowed to create safe POC only spaces. It is not reverse racism or discriminatory, it is self preservation [sic],” Sara Roschdi (PZ ’17), another Pitzer Latino Student Union member, stated. “Reverse racism isn’t a thing.”

“We don’t want to have to tiptoe around fragile white feelings in a space where we just want to relax and be comfortable,” commented Nina Lee, a Women’s Studies major. “I could live with white people, but I would be far more comfortable living with other poc.”

“White people always mad when they don’t feel included but at the end of the day y’all are damaging asf [sic] and if a POC feels they need to protect themselves from that toxic environment THEY CAN! Quick to try to jump on a POC but you won’t call your friends out when they’re being racist asf [sic],” noted Terriyonna Smith (PZ ’18), an Africana Studies major and Resident Assistant (RA) for the 2016-2017 year. “I’m not responding to NO comments and NOPE I don’t wanna have a dialogue.”

They also noted, rightly, that curriculums are being pushed down the throats of students with a racial bias aimed to condition the student body to ‘accept, revere and embrace’ this warped and depraved bigotry as main-stream.

But it’s not just Claremont College. Constitution Rising notes that Hampshire College, in Amherst Massachusetts, provides its students with a Bigotry Bible, but it’s not a handbook that encourages across the board acceptance of race/gender. Hold on to your hats for this one, folks.

Hampshire College is a liberal arts college in Amherst, Massachusetts which has crafted a discriminatory, anti-white segregation policy in their student housing. Any student may opt to reside in what they are creatively calling “identity-based” housing communities, as long as they meet the caveat of membership in a “unique social identity” that has “historically experienced oppression.” In other words, racism or other identity-based preference is acceptable, as long as it is being practiced against either a cracker or a crackerette.

Hampshire College offered a preemptive excuse on their website, saying, “These residential spaces give support to members of our community with social identities that have been historically marginalized in this country, and strive to counter systemic oppression.”

They go on to contradictorily state that their promotion of racially and identity segregated housing “arises from our commitment to fostering diverse, socially just, and inclusive communities.” So at Hampshire College, excluding people from a dormitory is inclusive, socially just and creates diversity. Does this school have an English or a History Department?

What they are doing is creating no-white black dormitories or no-white Latino dorms as well as no-straight homosexual dormitories or Christian-free Islamic dorms. They do not similarly offer no-black or no Latino white dorms, straights only dorms or Christian only dorms for those students. They’d have to be bigots to have policies such as those but the reverse is to be applauded. Besides, only a white racist would want to live under such segregation.

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And here’s the Bigotry Bible, to clear things up for you, just incase you’re confused…

For those students not sure why racism or preference is being tolerated in the name of their precious religion of diversity, the school provides an information booklet, a Bigotry Bible. It explains, “Identity-based housing is an institutional structure designed to assist members of historically oppressed groups in supporting each other.”  The claimed benefit is that it “helps to create an added level of psychological comfort and safety for those who choose to live in those spaces, often providing the foundation for those students to be able to engage fully in the greater community.”

Yep, there it is. And how much are you paying in tuition? Do you really want to send your white, christian, non-muslim, non-black, kids to a place like this?

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