COLUMN: Feminism Isn’t Helping The Fight Against Domestic Violence

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The problem with feminism is that it has nothing to do with helping women. It’s all about promoting left wing politics and electing Democrats, that’s all.

A recent column in the Daily Telegraph noted this:

‘Hysterical feminism’ isn’t helping our fight against domestic violence

How many innocent men are we going to see sent to the desert before we acknowledge our nation’s domestic violence problem doesn’t — and shouldn’t — rest on any individual’s shoulders?

The last couple of weeks haven’t demonstrated impressive progress toward tackling domestic violence — or having calm debate. Rather, they are cheerless affirmation of how frenzied and dangerously controlling the modern feminist movement is becoming. The hunt is on — and heading in the wrong direction.

Those who aren’t fierce feminists want unity and equality between the sexes — not incensed war. Domestic violence is a serious, challenging issue running rife. Statistics are well known, but our strategy in dealing with that data is taking a hysterical feminist lead rather than calm yet urgent action.

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Truth is, we can disagree with issues on the feminist agenda and still be united in our fight against domestic violence. The peaceful goal of the White Ribbon campaign may well be our shared common objective, but antagonistic messaging is proving detrimental to the cause.

Domestic violence isn’t a male problem — it’s society’s problem.

If feminists attempt to become the face of our nationwide fight against domestic violence, we will never see a resolution — and that makes me feel sick to my core.

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If feminists want to make a difference, they should focus on really helping women, not destroying the “patriarchy.”



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