Columnist Advises Democrats To Ask Obama To Tell Joe Biden To Step Aside For 2020

Some Democrats are getting very nervous about Joe Biden being the presumptive 2020 nominee.

His performance over the last few weeks has been terrible. He seems tired, feeble, and even confused at times.

Yet he is the Democrat front-runner. How could the party get him to step aside?

Michael Goodwin of the New York Post suggests Democrats get Obama involved:

Democrats need to recruit Obama to bench Biden, find another candidate: Goodwin

It is a given in politics that an incumbent has the advantage until things go wrong, at which point the challenger gets an edge. Then why, amidst panic, death and economic shutdown, is Joe Biden looking like the sick man of 2020?

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Biden’s predicament is odd considering a key pillar of Donald Trump’s presidency — record low unemployment — is being vaporized. Thursday’s 3.3 million new unemployment claims wiped out nearly half the jobs created in the last three years, and the worst is yet to come.

Millions upon millions of Americans are fearful about their health and that of their loved ones, and the job losses and stock-market plunges are robbing family nest eggs. In addition, much of the media is slanting their coverage to damage Trump, all of which should be giving Biden a huge boost…

Polls show the president’s job-approval rising, and his handling of the crisis is getting strong majority support, including 60 percent in a Gallup survey. And that was before he helped push the $2.2 trillion relief bill over the goal line…

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So what can Dems do?

Find another nominee. But first, they must bench Biden, or persuade him to bench himself.

It’s a job for Barack Obama.

The former president remains the most trusted member of his party and is uniquely situated to deliver the bad news to his vice president. In fact, it won’t be a total surprise given that Obama never endorsed Biden, despite making it clear he did not want Sanders, the only other choice, to be the nominee.

Goodwin suggests Obama can pitch Biden on this as a final act of public service.

He then offers Democrats three possible replacements:

1. Andrew Cuomo.

2. Nancy Pelosi

3. Hillary Clinton.

Those are all terrible choices. Democrats are in a real pickle here.


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