COLUMNIST: Democrats And The Media Are The Biggest LOSERS OF 2016


Ed Morrissey is a writer for The Week. In his new column he takes a look at the biggest losers of the 2016 election. Democrats and the media. Most Trump supporters would agree with him. He makes excellent points, too.

Here’s an excerpt:

2016’s biggest losers: Democrats and the media

In an Election Day filled with surreal moments, the most telling might have come shortly before Donald Trump declared victory. The media had not crowned Trump the winner in enough states to tally up 270 Electoral College votes, although the outcome of the election had become obvious anyway. John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair, had just addressed the shocked crowd at the Dems’ post-poll bash to defiantly announce that the Democratic nominee would not concede the election. Still, sources in the Trump campaign told media outlets that the Republican winner planned to address the throngs of supporters who had already started their celebrations.

This puzzled the Fox News anchors covering the race. Chris Wallace — the best debate moderator in the cycle and normally an adept observer — asked why Trump would risk throwing decades of precedent down the tubes by declaring himself a winner before the media had made that call themselves. For a few moments, the trio of Wallace, Megyn Kelly, and Bret Baier discussed the potentially dire consequences of a candidate who clearly had won not waiting for the imprimatur of The Associated Press (or Fox News) before offering a victory speech.

It was bizarre.

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Isn’t that the truth? Here’s the part where he talks about the Democrats:

And that brings us to the Democrats. They, too, will struggle to learn the real lessons of Trump.

Democrats could have found a more viable candidate for a general election than the woman who ran what looks like the embodiment of an establishment-elite vortex at the Clinton Foundation and State Department, especially in a cycle where populist anger about “rigged” systems abounded. They had a wealth of opportunity to find a more trusted figure when the email scandal first broke open almost 21 months ago. Instead, thanks to the Clintons’ co-opting of big donors and the DNC itself, Democrats sat on their hands while the media insisted on parroting the nonsensical argument that Hillary Clinton was the “most qualified nominee in history.”

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Also true!

Read the rest here.

Will the media learn any lessons from this election? Will the Democrats?

Probably not.


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