Columnist Makes An OUTSTANDING Case to Vote For Donald Trump

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Every once in a while, a column is published that merits sharing. Now is one of those times. Writer Nicholas Pell has outlined his reasons for supporting Trump and did so in a frank and logical manner.

Take a look:

Why Would An Intelligent Person Vote For Trump?

1. Trump Has All the Right Enemies

This is first for a reason. You can judge a man by his enemies and Donald Trump has all the right ones.

The Bush Family hates him for humiliating Jeb. Journalists hate him because he refuses to play by their rules. Wall Street hates him because he doesn’t need their money. The neoconservatives hate him because he won’t commit to an endless supply of American bodies for a third world sand trap we have no business being in. The Religious Right hates him because he secured the nomination without engaging in the kabuki they demand as fealty from all candidates. The reactive left hates him because he shoots from the hip and doesn’t engage in politically correct newspeak…

3. I’m Tired of Urban Lawlessness

There’s a riot about, what, every month or so in America at this point? The actual cause of the riots isn’t particularly germane to this topic for me. What matters is that they’re happening.

So what the hell does this have to do with who’s president? Well, I’d say that it has quite a bit to do with who’s president, considering that our current president’s position seems to be going on television and giving speeches about how people are doing bad things for a good reason. I don’t want a president who tries to understand rioters. I want a president who cracks skulls.

That’s just a sample.

Read the rest here.

The column also touches on trade and immigration.

We need more voices like this.

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