Columnist: Republicans Should Embrace Mail-In Voting And Beat Democrats At Their Own Game

Ever since the 2020 election, Trump supporters and other Republicans have complained that the left unfairly used mail-in voting to sway the election for Joe Biden.

It’s time for the right to fight fire with fire.

Do you know what would make Democrats begin to reject mail-in voting? Republicans winning elections with mail-in voting.

Republicans should view mail-in voting as an opportunity and take full advantage of it while they can.

Joel B. Pollak writes at Breitbart News:

Blue State Blues: Republicans Should Use Vote-by-Mail to Win

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Republicans need to stop griping about vote-by-mail and start using it to win. Yes, Democrats have an advantage in a system that relies on party machinery to turn out the vote; they have the institutional support of the labor unions, especially powerful public sector unions.

But Republicans can develop their own methods to take advantage of vote-by-mail and, where legal, ballot harvesting. They may not like it much, but winning through the mailbox is better than losing through the ballot box.

A handful of states have had vote-by-mail for decades. Almost all of these are heavily Democratic, and most have become even more Democratic since adopting vote-by-mail. The reason seems obvious: it takes more effort to vote in person…

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The way that vote-by-mail was adopted across the country in the 2020 election was grossly unfair. Left-wing activists seized the opportunity of the coronavirus pandemic to argue that it was dangerous to vote in person — though Israel and South Korea held in-person elections even during the height of the pandemic, without any associated COVID-19 spread. Democrats pushed the courts to adopt one-sided changes to voting laws. Republicans were naturally suspicious of the whole system.

Democrats will only get rid of vote-by-mail the moment Republicans start using it to win.

Pollak is 100 percent correct about this.

Republicans should stop complaining about mail-in voting.

Embrace the practice and beat Democrats at their own game. Within one election cycle, Democrats will start calling for the outlawing of the practice.


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