Columnist Says Following Afghanistan Debacle ‘President Joe Biden Should Resign In Disgrace’

Joe Biden has made a lot of mistakes over the last seven months, but none bigger than Afghanistan.

A majority of the American people agree with the idea of getting out of Afghanistan, that’s not the issue. The problem is the way the Biden administration carried it out. It’s hard to imagine how it could have gone worse.

Columnist Quin Hillyer is now calling on Biden to resign.

He writes at the Washington Examiner:

After epochal disaster in Afghanistan, Biden should step down

President Joe Biden should resign in disgrace.

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Seriously. As I have argued for decades , it is long past time for American politicians to adopt the Asian cultural model of resignations, as a matter of honor, for gross failures or derelictions. A “culture of shame ” would do much to restore faith in our institutions by reasserting a sense of personal responsibility to a political culture most see as being more about personal aggrandizement.

In Biden’s case, there is more than enough to be ashamed of.

As of last Friday, I already was preparing a column on why Biden, after six months, is on track to be the worst president of my lifetime. (I’m 57.) His outlandish spending, his inducements for inflation, his leftist culture wars, his failure to support protesters in Cuba, his border disaster, his abandonment of U.S. energy independence in favor of fuel development by Russia and OPEC, and his extravagant abuse of executive authority in constitutionally dubious ways all give evidence of Biden’s unsuitability for the job.

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It’s impossible to disagree with this, especially when you see the images coming out of Afghanistan.

Joe Biden is responsible for this, and he should resign.


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