COLUMNIST: The Biden Administration Is Already A Failure

The Joe Biden administration is off and running and not in a good way.

Lots of people expected it to be bad but not this bad this quickly.

Columnist Kurt Schlicter recently addressed this.

He writes at Townhall:

This Administration Is Already a Failure

If you’re a Democrat, you have to be thinking about a Harris/Cheney ticket in 2024 because the * administration is a complete disaster. And not just on policy. Obama‘s administration was a policy disaster, but it was at least a competently implemented disaster. The Zombie Administration is a disaster in both form and substance.

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What has this desiccated, old weirdo achieved in his six weeks of semiconsciousness in the Oval Office? Well, there’s putting tens of thousands of Americans out of jobs, including union guys who voted for him. There’s telling the American people that their kids can’t go to school because public school teachers take priority over children because of science or something. There’s another war in the Middle East. Those are kind of accomplishments, but not really good ones.

His administration had someone named “Ducklo” who was mean to women. He had another who wants to be a woman and who wants to let your little boys be surgically turned into women. And Neera Tanden’s confirmation was blocked because she was a woman and totally not because she was an inept loudmouth.

If this is normalcy, what’s a freak show look like?

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Read the rest here.

Have you noticed that Biden hasn’t given a State of the Union address yet?

It sure looks that way.


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