Columnist: The Media Keep Falling Into the Trump Trap

Jason Riley of the Wall Street Journal has written a great new piece which focuses on how the media keeps shooting itself in the foot in the age of Trump. He has exposed them for what they really are, Democrat activists.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Media Keep Falling Into the Trump Trap

…Likewise, the political press has decided that its job isn’t merely to inform the public but also to take down the current White House, even if such efforts cost journalism what little credibility it has left. Last Thursday, hundreds of newspapers nationwide simultaneously published editorials attacking Mr. Trump in the guise of promoting a free press. The president regularly accuses news outlets of biased coverage.

He prefers tweets and rallies to news conferences because he doesn’t trust the Washington Post and CNN to give him or his agenda a fair shake. Mr. Trump’s base comprises tens of millions of voters convinced that the media is as eager as the Democratic Party to run their guy out of office, and last week’s stunt only feeds those fears. Journalists who don’t like what the president has said about the press might want to start behaving like objective reporters instead of liberal political activists…

When the media reports this good news, the stories too often resemble a Democratic National Committee press release. The main objective is to assure you that Mr. Trump’s tax cuts and regulatory reform had nothing to do with it, that his predecessor deserves the real credit or that it was all just inevitable. Hogwash.

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Riley is absolutely right. This is one of the main reasons why so many people no longer trust the media.

Their mask has come off.


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