Columnist: There’s Not Going To Be Any Blue Wave This Fall

If you believe the media, Democrats are going to sweep in this fall to recapture the House and the Senate. They keep saying it over and over as a form of wish casting. But according to Jared Whitley, it’s not going to happen and he makes a very compelling case.

The writes at The Hill:

Sorry, there’s not going to be any ‘blue tidal wave’ this fall

Each day, the impending electoral “blue tidal wave” gets upgraded on the Hawaiian scale of electoral wave strength. Every special election, no matter how small, is inflated to an epic scale that “spells disaster” for the president and the party he commandeered in 2016.

Just one thing stands in the way of this electoral disaster of biblical proportions.


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The writing is simply not on the wall for a Democratic blow-out. The president’s approval rating has been consistently higher than Obama enjoyed at the same point in his presidency. Economic news has been staggeringly good. The unemployment rate is at a 44-year low. The Democrats have no coherent message. The NRA is flush with cash following this year’s extremist anti-gun rhetoric. And the RNC has 40 million dollars more than the “dead broke” DNC.

Now, this is not to suggest that Republicans will make huge gains themselves. Honestly, how many more offices are left for Republicans to win? The only place where Republicans could see real growth is California, where we might not even be able to field a candidate for governor or senator. The party’s silver lining for the Golden State is, as always, that California is the living embodiment of the failure of left-wing politics. With no grown-ups in Sacramento, California’s pain is the Republicans’ gain.

And for their electoral woes in the other 49 states, Democrats have no one to blame but themselves.

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What is the left going to do if this turns out to be true? They’ve already dialed their protests up to ten for months. What’s left for them to try?


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