COLUMNIST: Vote Out Every Single Democrat In November

America is rapidly sliding into a state of peril.

The economy is sluggish, inflation is out of control, gas prices are high and still rising, crime is a problem everywhere, and COVID is still not being handled properly.

The 2022 midterms are shaping up to be a wave election. A red wave.

Columnist David Keltz has a suggestion. Vote out all of the Democrats.

He writes at the American Spectator:

Vote Every Single Democrat Out in November

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No one in their right mind would trust Joe Biden to water their plants, mow the lawn, cook dinner, or walk their dog, let alone serve in the highest office of the land. Yet somehow this is the situation we find ourselves in for at least another few years, unless of course his health warrants his removal before January 2025.

If it was not already painstakingly obvious by now, the only accomplishment of the frail, weak, useless, embarrassing, pathetic, and cognitively impaired buffoon we currently have in the White House is the deliberate and intentional destruction of America.

But do not despair, the midterms are coming. This November, it is time to vote every single last Democrat out of office. The choice really should not be all that difficult.

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Let’s review what the Democrat Party stands for today.

The Democrat Party supports open borders, crime, lawlessness, and the willful desecration of our urban cities. They encourage the homeless to build encampments that take up entire city blocks, while allowing violent mentally ill people to terrorize civilians.

You should probably read the whole thing.

The Democrats made a huge mistake.

After the 2020 election, instead of focusing on what the country needed, they chose instead to focus on what they wanted as a party.

In the meantime, the country has gone to hell.

They fully deserve to be removed from power in November.


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