Comedian Claims Trump Fans Are More Tolerant Than College Students

A comedian named Nimesh Patel was recently kicked off stage at Columbia University in the middle of his show by students who found his act offensive. During an interview, he said that he has performed in front of Trump supporters in red states and nothing like that ever happened.

Hollywood in Toto reports:


The comedian gave the back story behind the moment on “The Joe Rogan Experience.” Patel described the scene to Rogan, including the joke that sparked the so-called outrage. To paraphrase, he told the crowd no one would choose to be both black and gay given the discrimination each group faces. On the Woke Joke scale that’s about an eight out of 10.

Several members of the committee that hired Patel took to the stage, he recalled, eager to end his routine as soon as possible. The committee members initially lied, saying they no longer had the tech person responsible for overseeing the performance.

Patel told Rogan the microphone still worked, so that clearly wasn’t the case.

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He eventually learned which joke offended a small number of students. He objected, and even told the origin of the joke and the black gay gentleman who inspired it. His mic got cut all the same.

That was enough, though.

Patel shared his rage about his shocking dismissal for the podcast’s listeners. He also described how he had performed edgier sets at other colleges without incident.

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“College wise … in the past year I did Texas, I did a school in Alaska, did a school in Ohio …I’ve said much more offensive sh**, like anti-Trump sh**, in the reddest of states. And it’s all been fine. I’ve never been kicked off stage before … to me, this Columbia incident, even the students there, seem the exception rather than the rule, that everyone’s a soft person.”

Despite all of this, the media will continue to claim that Trump supporters are the intolerant ones.


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