COMEDY: Chuck Todd Says All Of His MSNBC Colleagues Ground Their Arguments In Facts (VIDEO)

Chuck Todd of MSNBC recently tried to take a not so thinly veiled swipe at FOX News by saying that Americans are hearing different versions of the news but not all of them are factual. He then insisted that everyone at MSNBC makes arguments based on facts.

Here’s a partial transcript via Real Clear Politics:

CHUCK TODD: What Earth are voters living on? On Earth One, I could make the argument that this was a horrible week for the president. On Earth One, Manafort is in jail, the fed are closing in on Cohen, N.Y. A.G. says the Trump charity is corrupt, the I.G. report ends up being a victory lap for Clinton, the North Korea summit seems to be a sham. Economy stairs down a trade war.

On Earth Two, in Trumplandia. GOP leaders losing patience with Mueller, the I.G report proofs the FBI is biased, North Korea summit averts nuclear war, message to G7 allies: You can’t rip us off to, Trump gets tough on the border, economy sets new records. What world are voters living in?

CHUCK TODD: The problem is the information loop. The information loop is destructive right now. The feedback loop that the president is participating in right now is very destructive to facts.

ALFONSO AGUILAR: I agree but I think both sides can go to their media outlet of choice and get articles that — give them their narrative.

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CHUCK TODD: Every one of my colleagues grounds their arguments in facts. Every one of my colleagues grounds their arguments in facts. No doubt, they have a point of view, but it is grounded in facts. There are other places that don’t ground their arguments in facts…

Watch the video:

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Facts, huh? Is that why MSNBC has been saying Russia stole the election for Trump for the last year and a half?


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