COMEDY: CNN’s Don Lemon Insists He’s Not Part Of The Anti-Trump Resistance (VIDEO)

If you have ever watched five minutes of Don Lemon’s CNN show, you know it is animated by non-stop anti-Trump rhetoric, every single day. He got called out for this by a guest this week and had the nerve to deny it.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Don Lemon: ‘I’m Not Part of the Resistance’

CNN anchor Don Lemon said he was “not part of the Resistance” Thursday in response to a conservative guest who charged him with constantly bagging President Donald Trump as a racist.

Guest and Trump supporter Steve Cortes ripped Lemon on his nightly program for his rhetoric about rapper Kanye West earlier in the day, when Lemon told CNN host Wolf Blitzer the unusual West-Trump meeting in the Oval Office was a “minstrel show.”

Cortes called the remark “condescending,” to which Lemon retorted he was telling the truth and that African Americans around the country would agree.

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“These are the kind of tactics that you and the Resistance, you and your anti-Trump folks like to employ … You and your friends and your allies in the Resistance, these are the kind of tactics—” Cortes started.

“I’m not in the Resistance,” Lemon said, interrupting. “Don’t, please, Steve—I’m not part of the Resistance. And just because the truth is not on your side—”

Watch the video:

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Who does Don think he’s kidding?


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