COMEDY: Hillary Clinton Says She Wants to Get Unaccountable Money Out of Politics (VIDEO)

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It’s rich to hear Hillary Clinton yelling about getting unaccountable money out of politics. She’s taken money from foreign nations, some of which are hostile to the United States. She’s made millions giving speeches to banks that she refuses to release. She’s the picture of shady finances.

CNS News recently filed this report:

$225K Speechmaker Hillary Clinton: ‘Get Unaccountable Money Out of Politics’

“Let’s overturn Citizens United and get unaccountable money out of politics,” Democrat Hillary Clinton told a campaign rally in Cincinnati, Ohio on Monday. “Let’s shut off the revolving door in Washington, and make sure the foxes aren’t guarding the hen house.”

Clinton, a former U.S. senator and secretary of state, has been sharply criticized by her rival Bernie Sanders for accepting big money from Wall Street after leaving her job as Secretary of State — the so-called revolving door.

“Secretary Clinton has given a number of speeches to Wall Street financial institutions for $225,000 a speech. Now, $225,000, that is a lot of money, and I kind of figure that if you give a speech for that kind of money it must be a brilliant, earth-shattering speech,” Sanders said last month on the campaign trail in Kentucky.

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Watch the video:

How is she allowed to get away with saying things like this without being laughed out of the room?

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