COMEDY: Ladies Of The View Say There’s Nothing ‘Far Left’ About Today’s Democrats (VIDEO)

The ladies of The View are like a public relations firm for the Democratic party. As we have avowed socialists in office and running for office as Democrats, and some of them are calling for the insane Green New Deal, Joy Behar and others are insisting that they are not far left.

Do they really believe people can’t see what’s happening all around them?

News Busters reported:

The View: Nothing ‘Far-Left’ in Democrat Party, Only ‘Common Sense’ ‘Values’

Friday on The View, the liberal hosts took offense at the Wall Street Journal suggesting Joe Biden’s popularity in the 2020 race meant that Americans didn’t want a “far-left” Democrat. Joy Behar praised the virtues of liberalism while simultaneously denying Democrat policies were anything but “common sense.” Whoopi Goldberg even went out of her way to defend Democrats’ support for late-term abortion…

After Whoopi said it was about “socialist ideas,” Behar acted as if she didn’t understand how free college tuition and health care were socialist ideas.

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“What do they mean? I’m not clear,” she asked the panel repeatedly. Whoopi didn’t know either.

Co-host Ana Navarro claimed it was just right-wing propaganda. “Joe Biden is showing its a very wide spectrum [in the Democrat party],” she insisted. After Behar kept pressing that she didn’t understand what “far-left” was, Navarro cited Democrats wanting to abolish the Hyde Amendment, and defending dictators in socialist countries.

Meghan McCain tried to explain to them but they still didn’t get it.

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Watch the video:

Here’s a question for Joy and the others. If Democrats aren’t too far left, why are they being warned not to go too far left?

The New York Post reports:

Don’t swing too far left, state party chair warns Democrats

New York state Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs is warning lawmakers not to veer too far to the left — particularly objecting to a measure that would grant driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

“We are getting such a banging on several of the things that the Democrats did this year that I’m afraid this could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back,” Jacobs told the State of Politics site of the so-called Green Light bill.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo blamed progressive Democrats in the state Senate for scuttling the deal for Amazon to open a new campus in Long Island City, Queens.

Behar is delusional if she can’t see this.

The party of AOC is not centrist. Not even close.


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