COMEDY: MSNBC Guest Says Bill Clinton’s Impeachment Was Partisan But Trump’s Is Not (VIDEO)

Do the folks at MSNBC even hear themselves?

One of their recent guests, a professor named Jon Meacham, tried to claim that while Bill Clinton’s impeachment was partisan, Trump’s is not.

Are we to believe that the Democrats are just doing this out of love for the country? Please.

News Busters reports:

MSNBC’s Jon Meacham: Clinton Impeachment Was Partisan, Trump’s Is Not

As impeachment passions continue to heat up in Washington, MSNBC Live host Stephanie Ruhle thought it would be a good idea to bring some historical perspective to the conversation on her Tuesday show. Unfortunately for viewers however, that perspective was brought by historian Jon Meacham who bungled some key points on his way to making a more partisan, than objective historical analysis.

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Ruhle asked Meacham to address Republican concerns about the fairness of the process, “Jon, give us a history lesson, Republicans’ number one complaint seems to be that this impeachment inquiry is treating the president unfairly. They’re arguing that Bill Clinton was treated much better in 1998, are they right?”

Meacham bluntly stated that, “No, they’re not” before going into the history of the Nixon impeachment inquiry, rather than the Clinton one. When he did finally get to the Clinton impeachment he illustrated media hypocrisy on the issue when he made the laughable claim that, “The Clinton process was ferociously partisan, I personally don’t think this one feels that way.” Meacham is not just biased, he is objectively wrong. The Clinton impeachment inquiry passed the House 258-176, with 31 Democrats joining Republicans, by contrast Democrats won’t even bring such a vote to the floor.

Watch the video:

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Check out some of the Twitter responses to this:

Do they think anyone believes this?


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