COMEDY: NY Times Journalists Who Wrote Smear Job On Kavanaugh Say They Have No Agenda (VIDEO)

Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly, the New York Times journalists who wrote the latest liberal media smear job on Justice Brett Kavanaugh for the New York Times, appeared on The View on Tuesday.

They got dragged by Meghan McCain and others for doing such a sloppy job and for what looks to most people like a political hit job.

Hilariously, they claimed they have no agenda.

News Busters reports:

NYT Reporters Defend Kavanaugh Hit Job on ‘View’: Trump’s Wrong, We Had No ‘Agenda’

New York Times reporters Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly were grilled on Tuesday’s The View for omitting crucial information in their hit piece against Brett Kavanaugh published over the weekend.

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While Meghan McCain slammed the op-ed as a “hatchet job,” Pogrebin and Kelly acted as if they were innocent bystanders only out to seek the truth on Kavanaugh. Pogrebin self-righteously claimed they had no agenda to push and President Trump was merely using the paper for his “political purposes.”

Co-host Meghan McCain began by slamming the paper’s reputation and asking what happened:

“I think this is sort of ground zero for why so many people mistrust the media, why people nickname The New York Times ,‘The New York Slimes’ in so many conservative circles…. How did this vital fact get left out?” McCain asked, referring to the named woman not recalling the alleged incident.

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This was the key response:

Frankly, it’s fine to have a series of democratic candidates calling for impeachment but that was before the book came out which is today. And you also have Trump kind of jumping on things as if we have an agenda which that was not our intent.

Watch the video:

Who do these ladies think they’re kidding?

The left has been out to destroy Brett Kavanaugh since the moment his nomination to the Supreme Court was announced.

No one is buying it anymore.

The left just looks vindictive. They’re clearly trying to destroy the man’s reputation out of spite.


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