Communist Mayor Of New York City Comes Right Out And Says: ‘Our Mission Is To Redistribute Wealth’ (VIDEO)

Back in 2008, then presidential candidate Barack Obama got caught in an honest moment and said he believes in spreading the wealth around. It was in the news cycle for days and almost derailed his campaign.

Today, Bill de Blasio, the Democrat mayor of New York City, feels comfortable coming right out and saying that wealth redistribution is one of his main goals.

How did we come to this point?

Townhall reports:

WATCH: Bill de Blasio Admits the ‘Mission is to Redistribute Wealth’

During his weekly press conference on Friday, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio (D) stunned New Yorkers while addressing “systemic racism” in education, the economy, policing, and elsewhere. According to the mayor, a need exists to “profoundly change the distribution of resources.”

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“I like to say very bluntly,” de Blasio continued, “our mission is to redistribute wealth. A lot of people bristle at that phrase. That is in fact the phrase we need to use.”

Don’t believe an elected Democrat would finally admit it? See for yourself.

Here’s the video:

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Don’t forget that plenty of wealth in NYC has been destroyed by this man.

New York deserves better than this clown.

Frankly, everyone does.


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