CONFIRMED: The NSA Was Reading Tucker Carlson’s Emails And Planned To Leak Them (VIDEO)

Last week, Tucker Carlson made the explosive claim that Biden’s National Security Agency was reading his emails and planned to leak them.

Liberals in the media scoffed at him and mocked him as a crazy conspiracy theorist.

But now Tucker has confirmed this, and other media outlets are admitting it too.

Tucker talked about it on his show.

Here’s a partial transcript from FOX News:

Tucker Carlson: NSA has been reading my private emails, planned to leak the contents

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Last week, we told you that the Biden administration’s largest intelligence-gathering agency, the NSA, had been reading my private emails. Even noting that out loud is weird. It’s one of those segments we never thought we would do ever.

But the country has changed that much that fast. And honestly, the whole thing was kind of shocking. The government was spying on us? Come on. It seemed crazy, but it’s true. And no one in Washington appeared to be shocked in the slightest. In fact, the usual shills right after our segment had a ready explanation for it.

Either it never happened at all, they said, just a cable news show lying for ratings, or there must have been a good reason it happened. And they begin furiously making excuses for the NSA. A powerful, heavily politicized spy agency surveilling journalists who’ve been critical of the regime? No problem. It’s perfectly normal. Just don’t call it spying.

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But it’s not normal – at all. It is Third World, and as we told you repeatedly, it did happen. Now, that has been confirmed. Yesterday, we learned that sources in the so-called intelligence community told at least one reporter in Washington what was in those emails. My emails. It was nothing scandalous in there. Thank God. We’re happy to report that.

Carlson suggests that this might have happened because he was seeking an interview with Vladimir Putin. That may have been the excuse the NSA used to snoop in his emails.

Watch the whole thing below:

Remember when Democrats accused Trump of being a fascist?

It was pure projection.


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