Congress Gives Itself A Massive Raise As The American People Struggle

Did you know that Congress just gave itself a massive raise? Don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard, because it certainly hasn’t been mentioned much by the media.

While average Americans are struggling under the conditions created by the party that controls both chambers of Congress, they gave themselves a bump in pay.

Is there anyone in the country besides them who believes that they deserved this?

Townhall reports:

Congress Gives Itself Double-Digit Raise

Amid economic turmoil for the American people, their representatives in Washington gave their offices a double-digit raise this month even as the average American worker finds their real wages decreasing due to inflation that outpaces wages at new.

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If you missed Congress giving itself a little pat on the back, that’s understandable — members aren’t likely to tout outside the beltway how they’re filling their own office coffers, plus the funding increase for congressional offices was just one part of the 2,700+ page omnibus bill that funded the U.S. government to the tune of some $1.5 trillion.

As RollCall explains, “the $5.9 billion fiscal 2022 Legislative Branch funding portion would substantially boost the office budgets of House members” and “would provide $774.4 million for the Members Representational Allowance, known as the MRA, which funds the House office budgets for lawmakers, including staffer salaries.”

The increased taxpayer funding for congressional offices is $134.4 million more than was allocated in the last fiscal year — a 21 percent increase — according to the House Appropriations Committee summary. In addition, congressional offices on the House side get $18.2 million for paid internships.

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It must be nice.

And don’t forget, this is money from hardworking taxpayers.

They have no shame.


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