Congressman Who Was Shot By Bernie Supporter Warns The Left Is Inciting Violence

Congressman Steve Scalise is warning that some people on the left are inciting violence and he would know better than anyone. In the spring of 2017, Scalise was shot by a Bernie Sanders supporter who was also a Rachel Maddow fan.

The Daily Caller reports:


Noting recent instances of violence against Republicans, Scalise said that “some on the left are inciting this violence and frankly they should be called out on it.” He added that some Democrats are “almost encouraging” political violence.

The Louisiana Republican made the comments on an episode of Republican Wisconsin Rep. Sean Duffy’s podcast, Plaidcast, which aired on Friday.

“You’ve got some people on the Left, that just want this idea of resist and ignore the fact that [Trump] is president, they want to interrupt the ability of congress to do its job and of course you’ve got death threats and literal attacks on lives and frankly I want to see the Left stand up to this,” Scalise said.

Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters sparked controversy in June when she encouraged liberal mobs to harass members of President Donald Trump’s administration at restaurants, gas stations and even at home.

The left has already pushed it to the limit. They won’t have to go much further until they’ve crossed the line into real physical violence.

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