Connecticut Dems Might Back Crook Joe Ganim for Governor

Connecticut is a deeply blue state. But will voters choose a Democrat for governor even if he has a record of corruption? Joe Ganim has actually spent time in jail for his misdeeds.

Splinter News reports:

Will Connecticut Democrats Really Vote for This Extremely Corrupt Convicted Felon?

Connecticut Democrats will decide tonight who they want to represent their party in the state’s upcoming gubernatorial elections. Will it be Ned Lamont, a meek rich man from Greenwich, or Joe Ganim, who was convicted and jailed for extensive corruption while mayor of Connecticut’s largest city? The choice is clearly far from thrilling, but it rests on a fundamental question: Could the people of Connecticut possibly be crazy enough to pick Ganim? It’s way more likely than it should be; some of them have already voted Ganim back into the very same office he once abused.

Ganim is currently the mayor of Bridgeport. He previously held that office from 1991 to 2003. For most of his tenure, he was seen as a popular and positive force for a city with a long history of poverty. His official biography touts a string of worthy accomplishments.

That biography leaves a few details out, however. You see, another thing that Ganim did for most of his tenure was enrich himself and his friends at the expense of his city and constituents, both of whom who could little afford it. Ganim attracted a lot of business to Bridgeport, but the businesses had to pay him first. He received about $425,000 through various schemes over the years—and that’s before you get to the $500,000 of corrupt money pledged to his political campaigns.

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Choose wisely, Connecticut voters.



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