Conservative Actor Jon Voight Gets Emotional While Talking About Trump: ‘Thank God’ (VIDEO)

The actor Jon Voight is a rarity in Hollywood. He is openly conservative and pro-Trump. In fact, he was an early supporter of Trump. He talked about this on the Mark Levin show on FOX News this weekend and he got a little emotional.

The Blaze has details:

Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight breaks down in tears over ‘our man’ Trump: ‘Thank God’

Jon Voight, Academy Award-winning actor and outspoken Trump supporter, cried during an interview with Fox News’ Mark Levin on Sunday night when discussing an encounter he had with a conservative woman on a plane.

What are the details?

While speaking with Levin on “Life, Liberty & Levin,” the 79-year-old Voight choked up and cried while discussing his support for President Donald Trump’s America.

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Detailing an encounter the actor recently had with an unnamed conservative woman while traveling, Voight said that he asked the woman her thoughts on “our man,” meaning the president, and instead of responding vocally, she reportedly placed her hand across her heart.

As Voight detailed the encounter to Levin, he became visibly emotional as he emulated the woman’s motion of placing her hand on her chest.

“That’s me crying,” Voight explained. “The gesture was so beautiful, she couldn’t even speak. She was just saying ‘Thank God.’ And I say ‘Thank God.’”

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Watch the video:

We could use more men like Voight in the entertainment industry.


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