Conservative Commentator Ben Domenech: Democrats Face Year Of Reckoning In 2022 (VIDEO)

Ben Domenech is the publisher of the conservative news website, The Federalist.

This week, he is guest hosting FOX News Primetime, their 7 pm show. During a monologue on the show, he refelcted on some of the top stories of the year, with a focus on some of the awful ways Democrats have made life worse for millions of Americans.

He also suggested that 2022 is going to be a year of reckoning over this.

Here’s a partial transcript, via FOX News:

Democrats face a year of ‘reckoning’ as Americans reclaim their sense of normal: Ben Domenech

Federalist publisher Ben Domenech on Tuesday called for a “reckoning” in the new year, urging Americans to “demand more of our nation, our neighbors and ourselves” and reject the chaos, crime, and flagrant abuses of power that have become commonplace.

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Reflecting on the top stories of 2021, the “Fox News Primetime” host delivered an impassioned opening monologue encouraging viewers to reclaim their sense of “normal” after years of disruptive far-left policies.

“It is time in this closing week to take stock of all that we learned this year, the frauds that were exposed, the evils we learned to hate, and the truths we woke up to who we are and who we hope to be,” Domenech said. “A year that began with a promise that now we could return to normal and ended with a horrifying possibility that this, all of this terrible this is normal now.”…

“It was a year when court cases were at the center of the national discussion. Kyle Rittenhouse, Derek Chauvin, Jussie Smollett, Ghislaine Maxwell. For the results of the biggest cases, we will have to wait until next year when the Supreme Court will weigh in on Joe Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate and decide whether, despite the longstanding dominant legal regime of infant murder, the question of abortion will finally be returned to the people.”

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Watch the whole thing below:

This is a nearly perfect summation of the last year.

America must get back on track in 2022. We have much work to do.


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