Conservative Commentator Schools CNN On Their Far Left Anti-Gun Rhetoric (VIDEO)

The media thinks its moment has come on gun control. They are hyping the protests in favor of gun control and parroting vitriol aimed at the NRA.

Conservative writer and commentator Jim Geraghty appeared on CNN recently and gave them a little education.

News Busters reports:

WHOA: NR’s Geraghty Owns Carol Costello, Bill Press on Far-Left, Anti-Gun Rhetoric

Just as his National Review colleague Rich Lowry did on Thursday night, senior political correspondent Jim Geraghty held his own on Tuesday against liberal HLN host Carol Costello and liberal talk radio host Bill Press in a heated debate about gun control and the left’s asinine rhetoric that gun rights supporters are “child killers.”

Now in Los Angeles for HLN after leaving CNN, Costello hasn’t lost a step in her liberal ways, starting the segment off by touting “[s]tudents who survived the shooting at Stoneman Douglas high school” as “going for the NRA’s juglar” because “politicians who take the NRA money have blood in their hands.”

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“I think I would ask the question, if you want someone to come around to your perspective, to say, hey, here are certain gun control proposals that we can get behind. I don’t know if calling them a terrorist helps. I don’t know if there was another young man who said why are you taking the money of those who are child killers? If you do something like that, do you think it will make people come to you likely to your perspective? Or less likely?”

Watch the segment:

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That pretty much nailed it.


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